Welcome to the Hanse-Schule für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung in Lübeck/Germany

(Hanseatic School of Business, Economics and Administration)

For more than a century the Hanse-Schule has been an important part of the educational sector in Lübeck, Germany. Founded in 1905 under the roof of the Lübeck Chamber of Commerce, it developed into a well established public institution with close ties to companies, government and other schools. It offers a wide range of educational programmes and contributes extensively to national and international activities with creative ideas and solutions.
The Hanse-Schule in Lübeck is located 60 kilometres north-east of Hamburg in Northern Germany. Lübeck is a vibrant town of approximately 210.000 inhabitants, situated in a beautiful landscape not far from the Baltic Sea. Lübeck-area is a very historical, safe and pleasant place to live and study.
The Hanse-Schule offers both theoretical and vocational programmes of high professional and pedagogical quality. The programmes and courses range from basic vocational training to upper-secondary level.

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